The Health Justice Lab

Our lab focuses on promoting health equity for vulnerable populations.

In our research and clinical practice at the Yale School of Medicine, we are dedicated to defining best practices and caring for marginalized populations, particularly individuals leaving prison.

We are currently providing culturally-competent primary care to those leaving incarceration and building resilient neighborhoods to prevent gun violence.

We are also delivering trauma-informed interventions to reduce HIV in women with substance use issues leaving prison and improving cardiovascular outcomes in formerly incarcerated individuals.



The problem is severe: in the two weeks post-release, a former prisoner is 12 times more likely to die than the average person.


Our team also believes that we cannot improve the health of incarcerated people without their meaningful participation.

That programs on incarceration should be informed by and employ the formerly incarcerated. And programs on gun violence should be staffed by those most impacted by it.

Located in New Haven and Bridgeport, we hire and train those most impacted by health disparities to become researchers and community health workers.

Read bios for our research and clinical teams here.


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